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Related post: Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 10:29:03 +0900 From: Andrej Koymasky Subject: Puppets Theatre 02----------------------------THE PUPPETS THEATERby Andrej Koymasky (C) 1999 written the 16 th of December, 1989 translated by the author English text kindly revised by Richard-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"THE PUPPETS THEATER" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, ore because you think yo really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.-----------------------------ACT TWO - The puppet FrancoFirst SceneFranco Canforla closed his book and put it on the shelf. Today was his 34th birthday and he would spend it alone. In the morning a colleague gave him her greetings... Who knows how she remembered the day? He had accepted her greetings with a smile, but in the end he didn't really care.Then, he went in the classroom, the V E, (the Senior year home room) he did as always the roll call, and while doing it, he looked at his students, one by one, as usual. It was a kind of ritual, Professor Canforla's roll call.For him it was a kind of game. He little lolita model xxx called their names slowly, the student stood up in silence, as he asked them to, then he looked at young teen lolli pics them up and down, and went on to the following name. In this way he could linger and enjoy the beautiful bodies of his boy students, without arising nude lolita art portfolio any suspicion. He especially liked the more developed, the more handsome, often wrapped in tight jeans faded right there, between their legs, right at the height of their desk top, and at times a generous swelling could be noticed. But he went up and down with his eyes also with the few girls, so that nobody could guess his secret game. A couple of boys, there in V E, were more than desirable. If he hadn't resolved not to mix his private life and his teaching position, Franco would have gladly taken these two boys to bed. Possibly both at the same time. He caressed them with his eyes, he undressed them with his fantasy, but unhappily all had to stop there.Cross and delight... delight and a cross... (as the famous piece of Lyric Opera says... that is "suffering and enjoying").After the classes, Professor Franco Canforla went to eat something at the usual cafeteria, then went back to his solitary apartment, too wide to suit him, and started to correct the student's homework which he had to give back the lola models nymphets lolitas following day. He worked all the afternoon, then prepared and ate a quick supper, then went to relax in the living room, reading a book, while the preteen lolita fuck gallery stereo filled the background, a piece of Wagner's.He put down his book and looked at his watch - it was 10 p.m., the right time. He stood up, combed his hair, put on a pair of black, nicely tight fitting trousers and a light weight pullover of apple-green wool. He combed again then went out to free loli girl galleries the Valentino Park. Now his day was just beginning. If he were lucky he could find a handsome boy with whom he could have his birthday gift. This evening he was ready to spend even a 50 note... but if he could have him for free, so much the better.>From his home to the park, it was exactly a seven minutes walk. He reached the park and entered it, at a slow pace, a lithe gait, towards the shadowy area, almost without street lamps. He dimly saw in the half light several shadows moving, as usual - hunters and preys. He waited for his eyes to get used to the faint light, then started to explore. He passed near the shadows, carefully measuring them with his eyes cloe teen model lolita each time he came upon one. As always he did a first studied reconnaissance tour to see what the place offered that night. There were several of the usual faces that didn't appeal to him, some boys he already went with, and some new faces.The professor was always torn between the boys with whom he had gone and had good sex, and the 'fresh meat'. On one hand there was the certainty of a tested partner and of an agreeable night, on the other there was the excitement of the discovery and the secret hope of a positive encounter. Because after all, even though he didn't mind variety, he continued to hope slut bbs thumbs lolita to find his Mister Right. He 10 best lolitas sites didn't require that he be a Prince Charming, he would have been happy to bbs lolita video angel find a good and affectionate boy wanting to share his life with him.He was aware that it was difficult to single out his soul mate in a park mainly inhabited by hustlers and their johns, but he was optimist."Spes, ultima Dea."Today, however, as his birthday gift, he wanted a special boy. The sexiest. And he then saw him - he'd never seen the boy there, before, he was a new one.He was a boy around 22 (he could be a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 24 years old, he judged with his expert eye), tall, lean, with delicate and yet masculine features, probably accentuated by a two days beard growth, ash-blond. He had more than lively eyes, in which sparkled something mischievous, something that Franco liked. A sensuous mouth. He wore very tight trousers, of a very light blue, a white T shirt with a showy orchids drawing on the chest, an open vest of the same material and color of his trousers, and lilac color tennis shoes. He was leaning against a tree trunk in an indifferent pose, not far from one of the few street lamps whose light at times reflected in the boy's clear eyes.As Franco passed near him the first time, the boy lightly brushed his hand on his crotch, in a clear invitation gesture. The professor, even if he felt immediately attracted by that wonderful specimen of fauna, passed him over to end of the tour while he had decided what to do. The was no doubt that boy was the most interesting among them all he concluded at the end. Therefore he went back to that part of the park, cutting through the trees, hoping to see him again.When he arrived at a certain point, he lolita angels art photography stopped so that he could watch the boy from afar and enjoy him with his eyes. His heart missed a beat when a guy, coming out from god knows where, stopped in front of that boy and buttonholed him.'Let's hope that guy doesn't take the boy away from me... let's hope the boy doesn't go with that guy...' the professor murmured to himself and waited with some anxiety.He saw them talk, then finally he saw the intruder leaving. He smiled with relief - the way was free. He drew nearer just a few steps when another guy approached the boy, he who he now felt was "his" boy. Again it seemed they were talking for a while, but again the guy went away, alone.The professor asked himself if it was just his lucky day or what? Possibly the boy was too expensive and so he discouraged the clients? Or he was particular about his mates, but then, would the boy accept him? Or perhaps he was not there to hustle but was waiting for somebody in particular, and so he refused all the invitations? He couldn't know, so the only thing to do was to go and to take his turn. He drew even nearer the boy, now just the street separated them. He was about to cross it when a third fellow came out of the shadows and sidled up to the boy. Franco stopped, hoping in his heart that this time too it would end with a refusal... He was not wrong, it happened right away. On one hand he rejoiced that even this last man didn't take him away from him, on the other he felt even more apprehensive.In any case he quickly crossed, to reach the boy before some other hunter could appear... The boy's blond hair, slightly ruffled, fell in a great bunch almost over his eyes that shone directly on the professor. A faint smile could barely be perceived on the straight, full, well cut and sensual lips of the boy.When Franco was in front of him, drew a hesitant smile and asked: "Are you waiting for somebody?""No. You got a smoke?""Yes, here." the man answered, handling him the pack with a slightly trembling hand."Got a light?""Yes, sure..."Franco didn't know what to say. Or rather, he thought of several approaches, but was not able to decide which to use. Finally he said: "Would you like to come with me?""To fuck?" the boy asked directly."Yes... if you want...""Why not. It'll cost ya.""All right. How much?""Depends. What you got in mind?""A little bit of everything... just no sado-masochism." the professor answered, somewhat embarrassed."Really, the works? Top and bottom and blow jobs, sixty nine, and so on?""Yes...""Well, then... let's say 30."Franco expected a much higher request, and was agreeably surprised. "Seems fair.""If you have a place, of course.""Yes, at my place. It's not far from here.""Do you live alone?""Sure.""Let's go, then."They walked in silence. Franco, looked furtively at the boy at his side, studying him. He was smooth girl lolita preteen really exquisite, of a bold but not base beauty, a beauty to take ones breath away. The boy walked with a quick, springy gait, with great strides. And those tight jeans, wrapping him like a second skin, made the boy terribly provocative and attractive. Franco already had a raging hard on, and looked forward to the evening.It's a pity, he thought, that a so gorgeous boy hustles. Or better, no, he at once corrected himself with merriment, I'm lucky he does... Let's hope he is skilled in bed... My god, what a delightful morsel!They arrived at the house and went upstairs. Franco took him into the living room, to offer him something, to chat a little before taking him to his bedroom, as he always did with all the boys he took to his home, whether or not they were hustlers.The boy remained standing and looked around: "Holy shit, Look at the books! What are you, a teacher?""Yes." Franco said, then asked: "Would you like some liqueur?""No, I prefer a cold beer. Do you have that?""No...""Then, nothing. Do we fuck here?""No, up there.""Then, let's go."Franco took him to the room with the king size bed - he liked to make love with plenty of space."Hey, professor, books here also?""Yes, but don't call me professor. My name is Franco.""You live for books? Did you read all of them?""Sure, and some even several times. And I also wrote some of them. What's your name?""You are really a brain, then. I studied a little, but, I couldn't hake it." the boy said, starting to undress quickly.Franco stared at his body, revealed little by little, and what he saw pleased him very much.The boy, now wearing just swollen mini-briefs, lolitas virgin pussy rompl asked: "What are you doing? Just looking? Undress, get with it!""Yes, sure." the man confused answered and started to pull off his clothes.The boy slipped off his remaining garment, and stayed in front of him completely naked.Franco looked at him in fascination. "You are... you are well endowed! And well built!""Yes, so they say. That's why I'm so in demand."Franco began pulling off his last clothes. "But... how comes that you refused three men before me?""Bah! I like to choose my type. And I saw you come by first time and saw how you checked me out, and you are on my type. Then I saw you coming back. So I chilled out, to wait on you.""You mean I am your type?""Sort of. I thought you were cool. And I see I was not wrong, you have a good body.""I am no Adonis...""What? You are not what?""I mean that I am not such a handsome man.""But not bad at all. And then, I think I never did it with a teacher... so, who knows."Meanwhile the boy lay down on the bed, leaning on his elbow, on his side, and watched the man who was finishing undressing. With his hand, the boy brushed his hair from his eyes. Franco shut off the central light so that just the night table lamp was on."No, switch it back on. I like seeing well while I'm doing it. It's a pity that you have no mirrors here. One of my johns has a room all mirrors, it's great! You can see yourself everywhere, in all positions, at one time. It is almost like being in an orgy. It turns you on a lot. It's wonderful, believe me."Franco approached the bed and caressed the boy's body almost shyly, and asked again: "What is your name?""Bruno. Come on, come here, usa lolita teen pic I want to enjoy." the boy said seizing the man's waist and pulling him on the bed."Are you in hurry, Bruno?""No. But I like to get with it. I like doing, not looking or talking."Franco, climbed on the bed - he didn't need to be told twice. They made love in all the positions and in all the possible and imaginable ways. The bed seemed transformed in a battle field, and both seemed unrestrained natural forces. At times one was under, or on top, now standing up, or sitting, or kneeling, or on all fours, now on his back and now on his tummy in an alternating of positions, actions, tireless variations, half way between a dance and a fight match, in a whirling of passion and in a symphony of satisfied moans and groans from both of them.Franco felt happy. This was one of the best boys with whom he had made love, if not straight the best. And this was certainly the best birthday he could remember."How do you like to cum?" Franco asked to Bruno, recovering his breath after a long and fabulous French kiss."Anyway is good. Tonight I can cum even two or possibly three. Today you are the first I fuck with."Franco made him lie on his back, put the boy's legs on his shoulders and again penetrated him, but from the front, with real pleasure. The boy was lot tighter than he would have thought a hustler would be. And he was really skilled, a true professional - Bruno moved under him in a way that increased the man's pleasure and touched him in the right spots and in the right way. And he kissed in an incredible way!After they finally reached their first, lolita links non nudes overwhelming orgasm, Bruno, sprawled beside Franco, asked preteen lolita free russian him: "What's teen nonude bikini lolita the time?""A little before one 'o clock.""Listen, either I leave now, and have to hurry, or I can to stay here until tomorrow morning. Your choice. Price unchanged, of course, just 30 in either case.""If it is preteen lolita fre galleries not a problem for you, I would like you to stay, tonight. But tomorrow morning I have to leave early, I have to go to school.""At what time?""I wake up at seven.""Well, it means that tonight we will sleep little. Is your school downtown?""Yes, near Corso Regina.""Do you have a car?""Yes.""That's good. You can drop me at Porta palazzo, in the morning.""Agreed.""Come here, now, man, let's start again..." Bruno said seizing him by his member and pulling the man to him with a provocative smile."Yes...." Franco answered going upon him and starting again to kiss him.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Second Scene:That night, professor Canforla, didn't sleep at all. At seven they got up, took a shower then had the breakfast. Franco gave the boy the agreed thirty thousand liras, then delivered him to Porta Palazzo.Before the boy got out, the professor asked him: "Bruno, do you feel like meeting again?""Why not. I like doing it with you.""Then, when?""When you want. If you want me, I'm there almost every day, same place, same time, same price.""Couldn't we meet a little earlier than before?""Well, no. Earlier I have to do some other john. A 30 per night is not enough." Then, as he was out, he added: "And for next time, try innocent preteen lolita angels to have some cold beer. Adelscott, I asian teenager lola lolita told you. Bye, Prof."Franco drove to his school. All the morning long he just thought about Bruno. He liked the boy very much. When he took the role call, he realized that his usual game now had less zest than the other times. No, none of the boys could stand comparison with Bruno. Even the name, and the images associated to it, resounded like a merry refrain in the teacher's mind. He had undoubtedly had with that boy the most pleasurable of his erotic encounters, the most pleasurable of his sexual experiences. He had to go to look for him again, he had to meet him again. But he really didn't understand what a thoroughbred stallion like Bruno could see in him to want rompl dorki loli bbs to meet again. Bruno could have anybody he wanted at his feet. He could choose, as he did the night before, and he chose him. But why? The professor was not able to uncover an answer to that question. He was used to judging himself with objectivity, and even not thinking himself a throw away type, neither did he believe himself to have such qualities as to compete with others. Or rather, to compete, yes, even perhaps to place himself 12 yo lolitas incest in an good position, but certainly he didn't expect to be the winner.'But you didn't win', he told himself, 'don't get too big for your britches. Possibly he 14 yo lolis models just came with you because yesterday night he didn't find better, or just for a change, but you'll soon see that he will get tired of you and he will prefer others. It surly wasn't for your thirty thousand liras, he can easily ask and get even double that. Enjoy him, until you are in time, old man,' he concluded.Anyway, he was not able to get Bruno out of his thoughts.After the lessons he went to couple of shops before he found the Adelscott beer. He bought three four-pack bottles. Then he went back home and put them in his fridge. It was only one p.m. and there were still nine hours until their meeting, if the boy didn't forget about it, or changed his mind. Franco started to prepare his lessons for the following days. At first he worked at a good pace, quietly, but then Bruno's image came more and more often into his mind, and more and more often he caught himself looking at his watch.It was still early, it seemed that time stopped to flow... He took a book and tried to read. It was an interesting subject, that would have normally absorbed all his attention, but this time he was absolutely unable to concentrate. So he stood up and started to do a thousand small things that he'd been putting off for a while - he straighten up his studio, washed the dishes, redid the beds, both his own and the king size bed in the other room, where he hoped to take again the boy... It really was a pity there were no mirrors, as Bruno said.It was just 5 p.m. Five more hours.He put on a CD with some symphonic music. He tried again to read, but the slightly free and easy face of Bruno came back in his mind, and his shapely body, and his so seducing equipment that the boy used in a so skilled way... Professor Franco Canforla was aroused at these thoughts. If that evening he didn't find the boy, he would really feel bad... To calm down, he took a shower. He used almost cold water and stayed under for a long while. But even if physically the shower was having effect and he did calm down a little, his fantasy galloped more than ever, filled with the memories of the enchanting night he spent with the boy.He decided to try to sleep a little, after all he needed it. To be sure, he set the telephone wake up service to 9:30 p.m. Contrary to what he feared, he fell asleep like a stone and slept soundly until the telephone called him back to the consciousness. Then he quickly dressed, and a few minutes before ten he already was at the Valentino, where he reached the tree and the street lamp under which he met Bruno the night before. The boy was not there. He waited for almost twenty minutes, feeling more and more apprehensive. Finally, around 10:20, saw him coming. He recognized the boy from far and his heart gave a start. The boy wore exactly the same clothes as the night before. Franco went towards him with a feverish hurriedness."Hi, Professor!" the boy said with a wide smile and, ignoring the hand that the man was offering him, placed his hand straight away on Franco's fly, feeling him: "Hey, already awake, huh? Come on, let's go to your place. Tonight I can't stay and before one 'o clock I have to go to catch last tramway. We don't have time to waste.""It you want, I can take you back home with my car...""No, it's okay. I can stay for a couple of hours with pleasure, but then I have really to go."Franco had hoped for another crazy night, but he had to be content with what was offered. So they quickly went towards Franco's house. Again, along the way, they didn't talk.As they entered in the apartment, Bruno asked him: "Do you have the beer, this time?""Sure, Adelscott. Come, it is in the fridge."They went to the kitchen. When the boy saw the twelve beer bottles in the fridge, laughed with amusement: "Hey, tell me, do you want to get me drunk, or do you want me to come cute little asian lolita back to you lot of times?""Which would you like better?" Franco asked, trying to give a joking tone to his question, to hide the weight that he was really attaching to it, and watching the boy's reaction."I don't like getting drunk." Bruno answered looking straight in the man's eyes then, drank the beer from the best lolita elwebbs sven bottle pre lolitas sexy babe and put it empty in the sink, approached Franco and kissed him with heat. "Let's go to bed, professor. I too am turned on.""Don't call me professor, my name is Franco..." the man answered with a smile and took the boy to the bedroom.They made love in a hot way for all the couple of hours they had available, without a moments rest. At the end the bed was completely messed up and they were happily exhausted."You are a real stallion, Bruno. I like you!""And you a covering bull on heat! I too liked it a lot."Franco noticed that the boy didn't say 'I liked you' but 'I ls magazine lolita pictures liked it'. But said nothing. While they were dressing, Franco was about asking him to meet again, when the boy asked:"What day is today?""Wednesday the 23rd.""For a couple of days don't look for me, I will not be there. But if you want me, Saturday I'll be there again. Just, come around midnight. Then, if you want, I can stay with you until Sunday morning. Okay?""Yes, for sure. Then, to Saturday, Bruno." the man said giving him the thirty thousand liras."To Saturday, bad boy!" Bruno said merrily, pocketing the money and closing behind him the entrance door.Franco was happy. And Bruno evidently wanted to meet him again. It was a shame he had to wait for two days, almost three... He quickly went to bed and, while he was falling asleep satisfied, he recalled the heat of the boy's hands on his skin, the boy's body smell, the taste of his kisses, his meat, of his seed, the sound of his warm voice, his hot and welcoming love channel, his strong rod pumping with vigor in him, the color of his cunning eyes...^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Third SceneThe professor passed those next three days in waiting and found them wearisome. He couldn't help but think more and more of the boy's unbridled sexuality and he desired to savor it again and again. His own sexuality had always been rather controlled, quiet. He certainly liked making love, but never before had he had sex in an uncontrolled way. Bruno had ignited in him an intense charge of sensuality, he never suspected he had. His former adventures now seemed to him dull, almost wishy-washy. Since he had discovered his homosexuality, at 17 thanks to a boarding school mate, he had a rather large number of experiences, from relationships lasting some months to repeating adventures each evening with a different boy. But free lolita top site never did his occasional or steady partner, awake in him such a spark of eroticism. 'This boy was dynamite,' he told himself. Making love with him was more like being asian teen lolitas bbs in an orgy!When the time came Saturday evening, to prepare for his visit to the Valentino to meet with Bruno, the professor took special care. He shaved flawlessly, took a long shower, paid special attention to his clothes, from his underwear to shoes. He wasn't really aware of it, but unconsciously he was trying to beguile the boy. What's more, in the afternoon he bought some whipped cream puffs that he dream lolita nude pics put in the fridge, near the beers. Before leaving, he put on some CDs, set them to repeat 'forever', turned the volume down to a whisper, then he strolled to the park.By 11:45 Franco was already under the street lamp waiting for him. At 12:45 Bruno still hadn't shown up. Franco started to become agitated. Others were starting to hang round him, but he made it clear he was not interested. He was checking his watch every lolita nude art models two minutes. At 1:35 a.m. with disappointment he walked slowly back home.'I should have known' he told himself, but he felt sad. Back home, he undressed, then went to his kitchen and ate the puffs alone, free lolita xxx site standing near the open fridge. He left just one puff, because suddenly he felt like an ache in his stomach. He had been wrong to dream. 'If I hadn't deceived myself, I would not be so disappointed!' he thought. He went to his room and climbed into bed. He was lucky, he fell asleep at once, while the stereo german nude lolita pic continued to play the symphonic music like a lullaby.Suddenly he was wakened up by a protracted and repeated ringing: it was the door bell. He looked at his watch, it was 2:54 a.m. He stood up, somewhat dazed, and went little russians premium lolitas to look through the peephole. Bruno was standing there, in front of the door, and was about to ring again. He opened the door, feeling suddenly awake and happy, and welcomed the boy with lighthouse russian lolita bbs a smile."Bruno!""Boy, I lucked out and remembered the house, and able to pick the gate lock with just a piece of wire. How come don't you have a doorbell button outside the sun lolitas bbs top gate too?""Please enter, come in. Why so late?""Didn't plan anime young loli girls to. I just picked up some guy at 10 p.m. Thought it could be a quickie, Boy I was wrong... But I earned a nice 100, it was worth it!""I thought you did forgot our appointment...""Hardly, Man!" Bruno said heading straight toward preteen lolita sex bbs the room with the king size bed and began to undress."But, what if when I didn't see you, I picked-up another boy?" Franco asked following him and starting lolitas guarras ver mamadas at his turn to pull off his light pajama."Well, then we would be having a three-way. Not too bad, huh?" Bruno merrily answered seizing the man about his waist and pulling him towards himself. The boy kissed the man with his usual gusto, then asked: "You aren't pissed at me, are you?""No, but I was disappointed.""It's okay now?""Sure, Bruno, even if it's so late.""Anyhow, tomorrow is Sunday. We'll have all the time we want, okay? We can fuck in peace. Stop talking. Lick it now, that 'big pig' abused it, my cock needs repairing. Come on." Bruno said with a sly smile pushing the man to kneel in front of him.Franco didn't need to be coaxed, he loved filling his mouth with that beautiful rod. Bruno moaned and fucked the man's mouth with obvious pleasure. Then they were on the bed. First Franco offered himself to the boy, and enjoyed the sound of pistoning in his eager ass, then in turn mounted Bruno with energy, while they were French kissing. When at lolita pic jpg ls last sated, they decided to sleep, it was 6 a.m. and outside there was the dawn.It was a little after noon when Franco woke up. Bruno was still soundly asleep. So the man quietly got out of the bed, so as not to wake the boy, put on his pajama and went to the kitchen to prepare a meal. Eventually he went to check nn underage lolita girls and see if the boy was awake. He loved to look at the boy's naked body sprawled on the wide bed, and at his tool even when at rest, had dimensions worthy of respect.When the lunch was ready, he put again some classic music CDs 11 pedo lolitas archive on the stereo to wake the boy up, and went in the room to spy at his waking. When Bruno opened his eyes, Franco told him:"Get up and dress, sleeping head! Lunch is ready.""Gladly! I'm so hungry that... Why do I have to put on my clothes? I'll eat naked." he laughed, stumbling from the bed and cgi imgboard freedom lolita stretching voluptuously."Because if you come naked, I don't know if I'll be able to let you eat in peace. You arouse me so much, seeing you going around so naked. Cover you up, go on, and come.""What's this noise? Don't you have something better?""No, Bruno, I have just classic and symphonic music. I like it.""Then turn it down, if really have to have it." the boy said.They sat at the table. Bruno ate with really good appetite."You fixed this?""Yes. Do you like it?""I'll say! It's tasty. You cook pretty cute model lolita better than my mum. Is there more? Also give me a beer."Franco was happy seeing the boy eating so heartily. At the end of the meal he offered the boy the last puff remained. "Yesterday young lolita bbs gallery afternoon I bought some, but then, thinking you weren't coming, I ate them. Only this is left.""Why? I promised you, right?""I waited for you for almost two hours...""Next time I'll just come here, okay? Then you won't have to wait for me in the park. If you'd rather, give me your number, when I'm coming I'll call you, so I don't come for nothing.""Wouldn't it be possible for you to stay until tomorrow morning?""Today I'm totally free. It's fine with me."Franco was happy. At a one point, while they were watching a game on TV, sitting naked on the carpet, touching and titillating each other from time to time, Franco said: "Bruno... I would like so much to see you more often...""Can't. I have others, not just you. If you gave me a 30 every day, it will cost you almost one million. Are teachers so rich?""I would like very much if you could stop hustling...""Me too. But I need the money. I cannot find a job I like. So, what can do? Money doesn't grow on the trees."Franco didn't reply. For a while he was thoughtful. What could models pay sites loli he propose to the boy? He liked him so much, yes, and then what? Did he have an interesting job to offer to him? Some alternative?"Hey, Franco, what's up, now?""Nothing, sorry." Franco said and they resumed looking at the TV, commenting on the sports news.Bruno stayed until Monday morning and gave to the teacher another unforgettable night. And when Franco gave him a 50 and a 10 note, the boy said: "No, for the time give me just 30. I like you."^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Fourth SceneBruno turned up quite often. Not as often as Franco hoped, but in average every two or three days he showed up and at times he stayed also overnight. At a certain point Franco became aware that he was falling in love with the boy, and the thought that he was going in bed with other men, that he hustled, was becoming for the him more and more unbearable.One day, Franco proposed to Bruno: "Listen... why don't you come to live here with me? I can give you food and shelter so that, at least in part, your problems will be solved. Meanwhile we could look for a good work for you, something you like...""Hey, don't rush it! And my mum? She is old and sick, who'll take care of her? I, sell my cock, my ass! Coming here with you, I still lose enough, aren't you aware of that? My prices are higher... But I like you, you understand that, right? So don't try to take advantage of that.""No, I don't want to take advantage of you. But the thought that you go to bed with others... hurts me.""I don't hustle just for money, anyway. I like having sex with guys, and I like you, but I don't feel like tying only to you. What can you give me, excuse me? Some meals, and then? Can you maintain my mother and give me a good living? No, you are just a teacher, not a Rockefeller. It is not your fault, certainly, but mine neither, right?"Franco became again silent. But an idea was taking shape in him. "I would like to meet your mother...""My mother? Why not. I don't understand where are you going with this, but anyway... If you want, next time we'll go to my place. So you can see I'm not a liar.""I have a project... but I want first meet your mother.""You want to marry her?" Bruno ironically asked."I... forget it, come on!" Franco said. He was about to confess to the boy that he was in love with him, but was aware that perhaps it was better not to say so. "When would you come again to see me, Bruno?""In three days. If you're at home, I'll come around 4 p.m.""Why so early, this time?""Why! I can't possibly take you to meet my mother in the dead of night, right? Is it ok, 4 p.m.?""Sure, I'll wait for you."^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Fifth Scene:The day after, Franco decided to sell his car. Then he went to the "La Stampa" newspaper and put an ad, then put the same ad also in "Torino Affari" and "Business". He made his decision.As Bruno told him that his mother knew about the fact that he was a hustler, and that the woman had been a prostitute, she didn't care ("... she maintained me for sixteen years selling her pussy, and now I have to maintain her for at least sixteen years, selling my ass, right?" the boy told him). Franco had the intention to have an open speech and a proposal to both, mother and son. But, he himself didn't really know why, he preferred not to tell Bruno beforehand, he preferred to present him with a fait accompli.When Bruno arrived at his home, the boy wanted to make love right away, but Franco told him that he wanted first to meet his mother."Who can understand you? Bah... all right, let's go."They left the house. Bruno saw that Franco was walking with a determined pace."Where are you going? Where is your car?""There isn't. Today we use the tramway.""Is it broken?"Franco didn't answer, and Bruno shrugged his shoulders. They went by tramway. Reached Via 7yo lolita girl model Bellezia, the boy guided him through a court yard, then up a stairway to the loft. At mid corridor, Bruno pulled out a key from his pocket, opened a door and entered, followed by Franco, shouting: "It's me, mum! We have a visitor."A clucking voice asked: "Who's he?"Franco found himself in a kind of small kitchen, the paint was flaking off, a TV switched on. A frame without door opened in another room from where an aged woman come out. Her hair, white-gray, was ruffled, she wore a kind of old patched smock, and a pair of elegant glasses on her nose, oddly clashing with the rest of the image.She stopped, looked up and down to Franco, and said: "I don't know him. Who's he?""A friend.""My name is Franco Canforla, madam.""Ah, you are the teacher who fucks with my son! It's right, you are no bad at all. But my son, for your fault, brings home less money than before. It is not that I'm greedy, but one has difficulty in living, do you understand? I always preached my son that one has never to mix up sex and amusement, but he... a stubborn kid. If at least you were a 100 sites lolita bbs rich man, he could fleece you nicely.""Mum, please!" Bruno said, almost uneasy."I wanted to talk to you with regard to that, madam.""I am Elvira, not a 'Madam'. Sit there. I have nothing to offer you. What did you want to tell me?"Franco tried to straighten out his ideas, then said: "Listen, Elvira. I would like very much if Bruno could stop the life he is living. It is evident that it has to be his decision, not yours or mine. But he says that he has the problem to maintain you and to earn a living for himself. So, I thought that perhaps I can be of help. So, I wanted to know how much do you need each month, so that I can evaluate if I'll be able to help you.""You mean maintain us? Both of us? From when are teacher so full of money? Or are you of a rich family?" the woman asked."No, Elvira, I am not rich. But this is just my problem. So?""Bah, I don't know. These are matters you have to discuss with my son. He gives me around 700 per month, but I don't know how much he spends for himself. About me, if you can give me 700 per month, I continue as before. For the rest, you'd better sort it out with my son. I can't sell him. He is already selling himself!" the woman concluded, laughing with short and sharp laughter.Then Franco said to Bruno: "Besides eating and a place to sleep, how much do you think to need for the clothing and for the rest?"Bruno was looking at him, frowning: "Do you want to buy me? A sole right?"His mother intervened: "It means that he likes your ass a lot. Or is it your cock he prefers?"Bruno said brusquely to his mother: "Be quiet! So, Franco?""I'm not ashamed to say it, even in front of your mother - I am in love with you, and...""Ha, Juliet and Romeo!" the mother burst out in laughter.Franco violently blushed.Bruno again barked harshly to his mother: "Stop it! I didn't know what this free gallery lolitas charming chap had in mind. But don't mock him! So, Franco?""You didn't yet answer me..." Franco said."I? I don't want to exaggerate but not less than 700 more per month. So then?""So then, I thought that I can start giving private lessons. A pre teen art lolita teacher of high school can also ask for 40 per hour. Three hours per day, five days per week, it makes 600 per week. Considering just 4 weeks per month, it makes 2 millions 400 per month. lolita nude model galleries But not every month there are private lessons, just around 7 months per year, so in average, it becomes... 1 million 400 per month, exactly what you said you need. I can earn rather more than less, but I calculated for the minimum. So, you see, the problem could be solved.""You are a big head, to reckon up..." the mother murmured."We can also try, but... first the money, then the trial. Who tells me you can really find all those private lessons and that you maintain your promises? And then, young ladies lolita lola with that, don't presume you bought me. I want my freedom. But if you give us that money, each month, the month after I come in bed with you once per day... but at the time I decide... and then, no! If I wanted to go to a trip with friends, or what else...""Nobody is asking you to be my slave. What I ask you is just to stop hustling. And to make love with me, nothing more.""But if I felt like having sex with another man? So, just once in a while, for a whim?""More than free. I cannot for sure stop you.""And then? Don't you start making up jealousy scenes?""Have I ever? And yet it is a while I'm in love with you. And anyway I am always at school in the mornings, and in the afternoons I will be busy giving private lessons. You can do what you want.""And in the evening in bed with you.""You are putting it down like if you were making a work schedule, the shifts...""It's you putting it down that way, Franco.""Bruno, give it a try! The poor chap has lost his head over you, it's evident. Let's try just for a while, there is no written contract, right? If you didn't care about this fellow, you would not have made me a head so big - 'you know, I met a professor, a man on the ball, I feel like a god with him. ' and all that bullshit. You never told me about your other johns. What does it cost you to try, Bruno? Possibly we can both be satisfied. And you, lolicon preteen blond girl professor, if you can give some more lessons, perhaps you can give us even 800 each, right?""I... I sold my sexy pre teen lolitas car. They didn't pay me so much, but I earned 2 millions 600. I give you 1 million 400 as a advance for the incoming month...""I didn't say yes yet. I want time to think about it, Franco. Let's go back to your place, I need to talk with you.""Anyway, I would accept, in your place..." the mother commented while they were leaving.As soon as they were on the road, Bruno, with a dark face, said brusquely to Franco: "I don't understand you. Why didn't you talk me before?""I wanted you to understand that I was serious.""And you don't give a shit about what I feel?""Sure I care, very much. In fact it is you who has to decide.""What do you presume I have to do all the day long? Staying at home being a little good wife?""What you do now, more or less. As for the hustling part. You told me you would have liked to stop hustling, didn't you?""Now in day time I sleep to be fresh and elated all the night with my johns. And if I have some spare time, I go with my friends.""You will have more time to go with your friends.""I know, but I'm not sure.""That's why I said let us try. If it's true that you are not indifferent to me...""I like you, that's true. But I don't intend to marry you. Know what I mean?""Probably. Therefore, let's try.""You made it easy!""No, I sold my car, and put the ads on the newspapers...""And if now I said you fuck off?""Never mind! I tried. I had to try.""You're a crazy fucker." Bruno said sharply."Possibly. Do you regret it?""Possibly not. But now let's stop with it. Let's go to your place to have a good fuck. Afterwards, I will think about it, give me some time. I'll think about it, and I'll give you an answer, all right? But you are completely crazy." he concluded, but this time there was a hint of tenderness lolita art pay sites in his voice.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Sixth SceneBruno decided to accept that trial. But he went over his conditions - first not to abandon his mother ("... she doesn't need just my money... or yours, but also to have me around..."), to be free in his hours and movements, in his friendships and in his programs, and to feel free to have an adventure, if the occasion came. Franco in his turn insisted that to him it was enough to be sure that Bruno didn't hustle any more. Bruno assured him that, until there were no problems, he would not have done that.Even if he underlined: "All considered, it's a loss. Some months I even earned more that 2 millions. But, after all, I too like you, Franco. I know that you are making an effort for me and so I too will do an effort for you. But, do you trust me?""Yes, I think I can trust you. Anyway, this is also for me a kind of trial, right? And... these are the apartment keys. With the million I still have, I would like to go to buy some better clothes for you. If you want, you can keep them here at my place, or at your mother's place as you prefer.""All right. I can keep them here at your place, so that I can feel here somewhat like my home... But let's buy also some cp and lolita sites decent CDs. If I have to stay with you, I want also to listen to some music that suits me."The first month elapsed. Franco was unhappy with the fact that at times Bruno disappeared for one, two or three days.But when he tried to ask him where was he going, what did he do, the boy answered: "Do you trust me or not? Don't worry, I don't hustle, I promised hard russian lolita bbs you. But I don't like you to control me, to make me third degrees."But when Bruno was at home, and especially when they made love, to Franco was paradise. And he was more and more in love with that big boy, a little indolent, a little cheeky, but so sensual and, gallery girl little loli at times, so tender. The professor found several private lessons, so that for the second month he could give a little more than 800 to the boy and the same to his mother. Sure, so he had less and less time to write his books. At times he tried to write them while Bruno was at home, but he couldn't, sometimes because the boy often interrupted him, but mostly because both often wanted to make love.They lived this way for three months, when one evening Bruno said to him: "Since when I am with you, I haven't gone to bed with anybody else. I feel fine with you, I like it a lot, you know that, but I feel I need some... variety, novelty, do you understand? The problem is that... if I go lolita young girl naked to cruise... I don't know if it could happen that I let myself enticed by some old clients I liked and who does me a good offer...""Really you never cheated on me?""I just said so. Even if it was not in our pacts, because we just talked about not hustling 100 young lolita photos any more. But I'm thinking about it more and more. I would like to fuck some nice boy, once in a while. So, I thought, why don't you go to the Valentino and look for a nice hustler and bring him here? So we can have a nice threesome.""I don't like the idea of a threesome.""As you wish. So then, let's go together to choose a hustler, and then I will fuck him, alone.""Why together? And why do you want to take him here?""Because, I told you, so you see I don't hustle and you don't worry. And then, where do you want me to take him, at my mother's place?""You can do it when you want, when you don't come here or when I am at school...""But I don't want to play smart with you. So I just prefer doing it when you are here, at least you don't worry.""And don't you think how could I feel knowing that you are in the room nearby making love with another?""Who free rape photos lolittas asked you to stay in another room? You can stay with us and watch. Then, when he goes, we can make love, you and I.""I don't think I would like being a peeping tom... I don't think I would be happy seeing you making love with another.""Well, I need it. Take or leave it. I don't want to leave you, I feel really good here with you, I like you, but I need variety. It is quite a while that I felt like doing it and if I didn't yet, it is just for you. But I know that it can't last, I know myself. You always said 'let's try'. So, let's try, no? I just need a hustler once in a while, not another lover, that's all. You always say you love me, you want to make me happy, but now I tell you what I need, you say no...""I always did for you all I could..."Bruno embraced him, and started to caress and kiss him: "Yes, it's true. So then, do this also, come on. Let's go to look for a young hustler. Then, I swear, I will make love with you in a way that you will not regret having pre teen lolicon movies made me happy. You know I'm 'can', don't you?"Franco felt himself waver, and in the end he surrendered. They went to the Valentino. Bruno greeted lot of people, it seemed he knew everybody. After some tours, he hooked a boy about eighteen years old: "Hi, what's your price?" he straight asked him."For both?""No, just me. He is a friend hosting me. He will just look. So?""And what do you want to do, you?""You give me head, then I fuck your ass."Franco was feeling uneasy, and was a little ashamed and best lolita nymphet sites a little amazed for the coarseness of the negotiation."And nothing with him?""No, I told you. So?""40.""You're expensive...""Take or leave.""All right, come."They took the boy at home. Franco wanted to leave them alone, but Bruno insisted he stayed to watch. Again Franco surrendered. To see the two boys having sex, on one hand made him feel badly, but on the other it was oddly exciting for the professor, who never before had such an experience. To see the beautiful body of Bruno in full action, from a certain distance, was really thrilling. To think that soon he will be in the place of the boy, but with him Bruno would free lolita porn pics have done more, lot more, gave to Franco like a sense of intoxication. And when Bruno unloaded deep inside the boy, to be able to spy the movements and the expression of his lover, the transformation in his body and face in the moment of the orgasm, was a weird, but morbidly pleasing experience.The boy redressed, Franco paid him and as soon as he was gone, the man undressed and reached for his Bruno on the wide bed. lolita nude models ru They made love in a really wild way, with unusual rapture, for a long time. Also Bruno seemed more charged with energy than ever, even if he just had an orgasm. When in the end they lay on the bed relaxing, sated and satisfied, Bruno caressed lightly Franco.Bending over him and looking straight into his eyes, the boy said: "I told you it would be really great? You have always to listen to me, I'm a good judge in these matters. Being there, watching without doing, put you really in the mood, didn't it?"Franco was torn - on one side he did feel jealous of his Bruno, but on the other side it was true, afterwards he did really feel preteen lolita models tgp like a bull in heat.Almost as if he had read in his thoughts, Bruno said: "You really were a fucking bull. I liked you even more than usual. I want you always that way. We'll do it again, okay? And each time with a different boy, understood?"Franco, even if hesitantly, even if somewhat ashamed, answered with half voice: "As you want, love.""Yes, sure. As I want." the boy satisfied ratified.So they did. By time in time. Franco, to be able to pay also the young hustlers that Bruno choose, had to give more private lessons. Nowadays his life was just school, private lessons and sex with Bruno. The boy at times absented himself several days in row, but at other times he instead stayed with Franco for a while. And then, for Franco, they were days of paradise. At this point, for sex, the two got on very well together.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Seventh SceneThey had been living together for more than a year now, and all was going well. July 9th was approaching, Bruno's birthday. Franco wanted to give him a good present. To be certain that he got something the boy really desired, he went to see Bruno's mother. The woman welcomed him with her usual vein of a little foul mouthed but not wicked humor."Oh, here is my son in law! Come in, come in. My son tells me he feels really happy with you, and that you are a real satyr. I found Bruno so much better, you know, from when he was prostituting himself, thanks to you. But you too are happy with my Bruno, aren't you? There are problems, perhaps?""No, Elvira, everything is fine. In a while it is his birthday and I want to get him a gift. So, I came to ask your advice...""How nice! I didn't even remember it was his birthday! Bah, I don't know what to asian pink shy lolita suggest lolitas nymphet bbs tgp you...""I cannot get him a very expensive present, but I would like it art nude ukrainian loli to be something he really wants, something that will please him.""Bah, you know how are today's boys... I really don't tens model girls lolitas know what to tell you, I'm sorry. You know him now-a-days almost like me... And anyway in a lot more intimate way..." she concluded with a giggle."There are still a few days. Can't you try to understand if there is something he desires, he would like to have, but without giving me away, I want to surprise him?""I can try, if I see him before his birthday. But sometimes I don't see him even for three days in a row...""I 14 yo lolita angel will come back in three or four days. Can I count on you, Elvira? Will you help me?""Yes, yes, sure. But... listen, if I give you two real loli teens sexy suggestions, the one less expensive, can you buy it and give it to him as my present?""Gladly, if I have enough money."Franco went back to Elvira three days later. She told him that Bruno desired a video deck with a TV camera, because he would have liked to record his fucks with Franco to see them again. And another present could be a pocket CD player with the earphones."A video deck with TV camera is rather expensive. I don't think the three millions I have will be enough..." Franco said."But now they sell them even on the credit plan, you carry home and pay after. I wasn't able to pull out anything else from him. He says it is his dream... But I asked him if, besides fucking with you, legal lolita pay sites he likes you. And he told me, yes, and that he is afraid he is falling in love with you...""Really? He said so?""What? Do you think I would invent it? Sure he said so. It is the first time that my Bruno tells me he is falling in love. And, all things considered, I'm glad, you are a good man, yes. If he just could find a good job...""I tried to find him a work. But each time he tried, after a couple of days, at most a week, he stopped saying he didn't like it...""Eh, possibly it is somewhat my fault, I spoiled him... I earned good money, as a whore, you know? So that I had him lose out on nothing. Then I became old, my health went bad, and you can see to what level we are reduced. All started to go wrong so that the poor boy, needed to help me, he began hustling. He liked males for ever, from when his little peter had its first hard-ons... and handsome as he is, he easily had clients. He could have had lot of clients, if he wanted. But he went just with the types he liked... I always told him that a whore has not to mix heart and sex... But he...""I always asked myself why he came with me...""You are not bad at all. But then you, evidently, besides money and good sex, give him something that the other men didn't give him - affection. I understood at once you were different, because he talked a lot about you. About the other men, nothing or very little. And then, beauty is not all. Besides it seems that you have a fine cock and you know how to use it. And that you do with him anything, right as he likes...""Did he tell you also about such matters?" Franco asked somewhat shyly."You have not to be ashamed. First of all he is my son, then I am one of the trade and I am a connoisseur about males. So, he asks me advice, because he says he wants to make you happy... He is making you happy, isn't it?""Yes, very much...""So then? Good. Well, will you buy him that present? You buy it on the credit...""Yes, all right.""And also the CD player from me?""Certainly, Elvira.""You prepare also a nice card and write on it: 'from your Mum'. I can barely write my signature, so it will be better if you write it. Agreed?""Yes, Elvira, and thank you.""Not at all.""I wanted to ask you another thing...""What?""Bruno's father... he never told me about him...""Perforce! Who knows who his father could be. He could be a dozen different men, and most of them I don't even remember. He is just a son of a bitch, my Bruno, in the literal sense of the expression." the woman concluded with a convulsion of laughter.Franco bought the presents, by installments as Elvira suggested. And, to be able to pay the installments, he had to look for more private lessons. So he went to giving six hours of private lessons per day, besides the school. He also stopped trying to write his books - he didn't have any more time nor energy for it.When Bruno saw the presents, was happy - he leapt about the apartment like a kid. He wanted at once try the new equipment."I want to become skilled! I want to make fine males movies, xxx rated gay movies, so I enter in the porno trade and you can work less than now. I will first learn to use it with us and with our occasional hustlers, then I will launch myself. Isn't this a great idea?""Won't you have to show to others the tapes with us on, right? I don't like that idea at all.""No way, sure! Those are just for us two to look at! Then, I was thinking, I will buy some American, French, German porno movies to study how they are done and to learn. Then we will need lamps for the right lights... And we will need another deck for the editing and to make copies...""But I don't have all that money, Bruno. Just to buy these, I had to do installments... And then, the... actors, they will ask for money...""One thing at a time. We will reach the right level little by little. But this is really some work I like a lot. And we can make very good money.""But if it became known that I am in this project, I risk to lose my work, are you aware?""We will do so that nobody can find out. Trust me.""It is not that I don't trust you, love. But this is something big, with really many problems and dangers...""You make everything difficult. At least, let's try it, okay? We can begin to learn to shoot ourselves, can't we? And that doesn't cost us any money..."Again Franco surrendered. He felt like being in a slope without end, on which he was inexorably slipping, but he didn't have the strength to stop himself. When he tried to stop, it was then that Bruno used his sex appeal and Franco surrendered, accepted.The first tapes were nothing special, but it was really exciting to see again themselves making love on the small screen. And then, to learn to use the camera really well, Franco not only accepted Bruno having sex with the hustlers, but, he accepted himself having sex with the boys, while Bruno was shooting. This cost him a real effort, but as usual Bruno succeeded in overcoming his resistance. The hustlers asked for more money, to have sex with both of them and to be photographed by the camera, and Franco was getting further into debt.He started to sell some rare books he had in his library. He was sorry to deprive himself of them but, he told himself, it was worth for Bruno. Also because now top lolita site list Bruno, when they were making love alone, not only had started to behave with growing tenderness but also to tell him that he was in love with him."Franco, you took me in. I really didn't think I could fall in love with somebody... But I feel that it's happening with you, really happening, and I'm scared.""Scared? Why scared? Of what?""To lose my freedom.""No, you will never lose it with me. As long as you continue to love me, you can do with me everything you want, you see it.""Not everything! For instance, I would like to have a threesome with you, but you never wanted.""Is it so important for you?""Yes, I really love making love with you alone, you know it, but at times I would like doing it in threesomes or in foursomes. It is different. Between you and me there is love, and this is great. But when it is just sex, with many is better.""There is also the problem of money... I have difficulty in making all these payments. I cannot possibly take more private lessons. You know that I sold some rare books that were so important for me, and now I have nothing more of value to sell...""But if my movies goes well, we will earn lot of money. And then I'll buy you back your rare books, aren't you happy?""Yes, if and when they would have success. But for the moment this is the situation. Unhappily for you, you didn't get a rich lover.""But I like you as you are. If you were rich, possibly, I wouldn't have liked you. I've gone to bed with rich people, an industrialist, a duke, an agent... People good just for money, but I wouldn't have liked any of them as a lover. You are different. You love me. And then, you make love like a god!""Don't laugh at me!""Fucking shit, who's laughing at you? If it was not as I'm saying, I would have never been tied by you."But, as for the rich people, I got an idea. Listen, I know how to hook again two or three filthy rich people I was index of jpg lolitinhas talking to you before. And those people, if I accept, each time is ready to put out even 100 or 200 just for a quickie. What do you think? In just one month I can raise a good deal money, taking just very little time. So I can pay back your debts, and I can launch myself into the gay hard core movies! And then more money that comes and we are rich. Isn't that a good idea?""But... you promised me you stopped hustling...""That's different. First of all I'm telling you. I don't hustle, just some appointments by phone. With people I know. If I wanted, I could do that without you even being aware of it... But I don't want to cheat on you.""But I don't care about becoming rich.""But I do care. Don't you care about what I want? After all, with three or four meetings per week... and this means just five, six hours... we can solve our problems. I go at the guy's home, I stay there just a little while, and I'm back with a 200 into my pocket. I can do it while you free xxx lolita porn teach, so that after we have all the time we want, all for us. You wouldn't even became aware of it, I swear.""But... I don't know... I...""Are you by chance jealous? You can't be jealous of those guys, not you. You are so much superior to them. You are my lover, they would just be my clients and just while we need it. With you I really make love, with them will be just some sex. It is somewhat like beating off: would you be jealous if I beat off?""Yes, somewhat. I would prefer that you, instead of beating off, made love with me. And instead of doing it with the hustlers, you did it with me. And instead xxx land loli galleries of doing it with the filthy rich people, you did it with me.""Don't we have enough sex? We can do it more often, anyway I don't easily wear out! Did I ever tell you no, anytime you wanted to make love?""No, that's true...""So, then, agreed?""Even if I said no, you would do it all the same. You would succeed to make me agree, or you would do it in secret...""No, in secret no, never. Then, agreed?""As you say, Bruno..."^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Eighth Scene:Bruno started to bring home money, but as soon as he had it, he soon used it all to buy floodlights and equipment to make the movies, to pay hustlers to make love or to make the movies, to buy nice clothes, or CDs or other... So Franco needed to continue to have most private lesson possible.Franco's apartment, the wide apartment, little by little was transformed in a kind of studio where Bruno filmed the lolita preteen girls pictures hustlers in embrace and coitus scenes. During the hours Franco was giving private lessons, of course, it was back to be the apartment of a respectable teacher. But then, in the other times, there were naked boys fucking in all the positions, in all the apartment corners, from the bath tub to the kitchen table, from the bed rooms to the corridor, on the tables, desks, chairs, armchairs, sofas, carpets, on the floor...At times Franco had the impression that his house was permeated with the sperm smell no matter how carefully he clean after each shot. The videotapes were accumulating. The quality of the last movies had improved, even if they were not at a professional standard. While Bruno was shooting, Franco was moving the floodlights, changing the lights... and was lolita teen porn gallery asking himself how he could have reduced himself to that.But, to be honest, he was also aroused. Some of the boys did it cheekily and specifically to sexually arouse him, and Bruno laughed amused by it.Once they were shooting a scene with three boys, Aldo 24, Luca 20 and Felice 18 but looked no more than 16 years.At a certain point Luca exclaimed: "Hey, look at the professor! He has such a hard-on that in a while all his fly buttons will pop off!"Everybody laughing looked at him and Franco blushed. It was true, he was incredibly aroused. Luca placed himself in front of the man and felt his erection through his trousers cloth."Stop it!" Franco said drawing back."No, come on, let me play a while. Aldo told me that you newstar lola young modell have a nice dong. Pull it out, go on, I'll make you